Nutitional Info


By PW Nutritionist Grace Scott

There’s a reason why spinach has been nicknamed a ‘superfood’. It’s loaded with nutrients which have a positive effect on your health, skin, bones and hair! 100g of spinach is high in fibre, keeping you feeling full, aiding digestion AND contains vitamins ranging from K, A, C, iron and calcium. We’ve incorporated spinach into some classic recipes to boost your immune system, read on!


Spinach Slender Pancakes

A Protein World classic with a twist! High protein, added greens and a sweet kick from natural honey, what more could you want?!


• 50g Slender Pancake Mix
• 50g spinach
• 1 tbsp honey
Optional Toppings: Banana/ berries/ seeds

Nutritional Info
• Calories 272kcal
• Protein 13g
• Carbohydrate 46g
• Fat 3g
• Fibre 3.5g

1. Wilt the spinach in a frying pan over a hot heat – set aside to cool
2. Make up the Slender Pancake mix according to packet instructions
3. Blend the cooled spinach and add the pancake mix – blend again until smooth
4. Make a serving of pancakes using the spinach and pancake batter
5. Top with a drizzle of honey and fruit of your choice!